ThumbnailCity / Known bugs

Known bugs for ThumbnailCity Version 1.2.7 are followings.

  • This failure occurs when the registry is overwritten by other software. Typical other software includes Icaros, K-Lite codec pack and others.
  • You can recover by starting “Functions ON-OFF” of ThumbnailCity and updating the OFF items at “Thumbnail function” to ON. “Functions ON-OFF” can be started from the “ThumbnailCity” folder in the start menu.
  • This problem cannot be fixed by reinstalling ThumbnailCity.
  • At Version 1.3.3, added a function to partially repair this failure.
  • This failure is a defect of OS (Media Foundation). It has been reported to Microsoft’s Feedback Hub, but it is unclear whether it will be fixed or not, so we are planning to implement a feature to avoid this failure in Version 1.3.3.
  • As far as we can see, it occurs when the pixel format of AVC is yuv420p10le (pixel bit depth = 10 bits). It does not occur in the case of yuv420p (pixel bit depth = 8 bits).
  • As a temporary workaround, if you have an environment where DirectShow can play AVC, you can avoid it by giving priority to DirectShow internal processing of ThumbnailCity. We have prepared a registry entry file to makes this change, so please download it from the following URL.
This bug is a defect of ThumbnailCity. It has been fixed in Version 1.3.2.
This bug is a defect of Thumbnail City. It has been fixed in Version 1.3.1.
  • To the extent that it has been confirmed so far, this failure is due to a defect in the other middleware.
  • The following have been confirmed as the middlewares which has a corresponding defect.
    • Media Preview(BabelSoft)
    • Logitech Webcam Software(Logitech)
    • Icaros(Xanashi)

If you find any troubles / bugs other than the above, please notify us (